Pend Oreille Paramedics

Phone #: 509.447.1202

Email: [email protected]

Newport, Washington 99156
Hi, and welcome to our website! We are Pend Oreille Paramedics, and we are proud to be serving the Newport, Washington area and it's surrounding communities. Follow us on Facebook and Instagram @pendoreilleparamedics, and on Twitter @pendoreilleems.

Our website is currently under construction, please come back and check it out in a couple of weeks!


  1. Pend Oreille Paramedics, LLC
    Established February 16, 2017 Ownership: Nicole Dice and John Jackson
  2. Patient Care
    Quality and professional patient care is the foundation of our business.
  3. Community
    Community involvement at our company means being an active participant in local organizations and attending community events.